Friday, November 10, 2006

100 list

100 Things About Me (still working on it!)

1. I am indecisive.
2. I hate shopping.
3. I love blogging and reading others blogs- it makes me feel so much more normal, I’m not the only one who thinks these thoughts.
4. I have only lived in one city in my entire life.
5. I hate my Swintec 7000. I still use a typewriter at work… I don’t hate it as much as I used to though.
6. I am a Gemini.
7. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.
8. I was married June 14, 2003. (Flag day)
9. I see a psychiatrist on a regular basis.
10. I LOVE cats. (this could border on being obsessed… )
11. I have many mental disorders.
12. I hated high school. It was so horrible.
13. It seems I become more anti-social the older I get.
14. MySpace makes me uncomfortable- i'm not totally sure what it is- all I know is that my anxiety flares up bad!!
15. I love to craft!
16. I am not comfortable in my own skin.
17. Sleeping is one of my most favorite things to do.
18. I had LASIK done in August 2004 and love it.
19. I am SO addicted to food, among many other things!
20. I am extremely emotional and sensitive.
21. I am undecided about having kids or not.
22. I am not a girly-girl.
23. I don’t like shoes. My preference is to be bare foot.
24. I love to read.

25. I would love to be able to work from home.
26. I can’t stand it when people try to push their beliefs off onto me (especially religion).
27. I can’t stand it when people try to tell me what to do (how to live my life). 2
8. I love my kitties as if they were my own children. The only difference, I didn’t actually give birth to them.
29. I am extremely obsessive about my eyebrows being plucked. I pluck them at least twice a day.
30. I prefer to live in my “selective- reality” and I am very anti-social.
31. I do not agree with hunting but it’s something I am forced to deal with on a daily basis due to all of my co-workers.
32. I hate that it is easier (and that i make the choice) to take a pill to “deal” with something than to actually deal with it (or that taking a pill makes it all better).
33. I used to have an excellent memory.
34. I claim no political party.
36. My favorite color is black.
37. I love a good hard massage!
38. I love yoga
39. I am learning to meditate.

40. I am exploring different types of religions.
41. I wish I had more self-confidence.
42. I am not sure what my stand on the death penalty is. Texas is all about the death penalty though.

43. I am pro-choice! It is my body (or your body)- DO NOT tell me what decision I need to make!
44. I have BAD anxiety.
45. I am way obsessive compulsive & anal.
46. I start and stop smoking because I get bored. (I know, nice!)
47. I love to craft!
48. Peanut butter m&m’s are my favorite candy of all time!
49. I wish I was quick with “come-backs” or retorts.
50. I used to be a big partier- I can’t do it (nor do I enjoy it) now that I’m older.
51. I prefer being at home as opposed to out at a bar (or pretty much anywhere). (think hermit!)
52. I am extremely lazy. (I used to not be lazy.)
53. I have a tendency to look on the negative side but I am working on changing that.
54. I love positive thoughts, quotes, and emails. They always seem to come at the right time.
55. I don’t believe in the judgmental Father figure of God anymore. Why would God judge us?
56. I am very wishy-washy when it comes to doing stuff. I will probably tell you yes, I’ll go and then flake out at the last minute.
57. I am a chapstick and lotion addict.
58. My dream is to one day have a “kitty haven” where all abandoned kitties can come and find love, shelter, and food.
59. I love getting comments on my blog!!
60. I am obsessed with teeth. (Mom is a dental hygientist.)
61. I consider myself very shy. (Could be because of my self-esteem issues.)
62. I am a perfectionist.
63. I love the library.
64. It is my goal to replace everything on this list that is negative with a positive statement.
65. I have been more honest in my blog than I have ever been with myself before.
66. I am still afraid of letting people get too close to me emotionally. I am scared I’ll get hurt.
67. I do not like to cook at all.
68. I love to bake though.
69. I drink about 80 oz. of water a day at work.
70. My most favorite drink is unsweetened decaf ice tea.
71. I try really hard not to judge someone, especially until I’ve walked a mile in their shoes. I have really been working on trying not to judge people though.
72. The repeat button on your cd player was made for me.
73. I am very directionally challenged.
74. I will not tolerate animal cruelty- I think the same thing should be done to the person that they did to the animal.
75. I want to retire early.
76. I love to laugh but “don’t allow” myself to seem to enjoy life as much as I used too (or laugh as much either).
77. Feeling guilty and carrying it around (forever!) is not a problem for me.
78. I can't stand it when people ask you when you're going to have kids. Like it is a rule written in stone that if you're married you will have kids.
79. Coming up with 100 things about yourself is hard to do!!

80. I am proud to be from Texas but I hate the heat.
81. I like to bundle up and love snow.
82. I consider myself a little "country"... maybe even kinda red-neckish (not horribly bad though!!)
83. I love a heavy southern accent. (the slow southern drawl)


LLevon said...

Interesting list. Fun to see where we differ and where we have things in common.

kilax said...

I am totally with you on 2, 3, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 22, etc. etc. etc.! I love reading these lists! Same comment as llevon - it is fun to see what we have in common! :)

kellykellykelly said...

I love your blogs. You know so much about your self...I dont think I could make it to 10 hahaha. You are so wonderful...I have a few items that you could add to the list. Talk to you tomorrow at work. Love you GIRL!!!